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For the first time ever and after several years of development, the world wide known Tube amplifier constructor mr. Erik Andersson launches an amplifier with interstage transformers.

The circuitry is composed by components of the highest quality and the benefit from replacing the capacitors as coupling devices with interstage transformers from Lundahl must be heard and experienced.

Compared with a conventional capacitor coupled amplifier, the Erik Signature 70 delivers a superior level of detail, control and dynamics.

Knispel Audio in Sweden has developed a new chassis that is on par with the electronic circuitry. No efforts have been spared in terms of building quality or choice of materials. The amplifier weighs 45 kilograms and is almost entirely built by hand and hardwired.

Even the GM70 sockets are made in-house to the highest level of quality.



In Short:

  • Single ended pure class A with no feedback
  • 8 Transformers + 2 chokes from Lundahl in Sweden
  • Only passively regulated power supplys
  • 4 Inputs, one can be switched between balanced and unbalanced
  • Input tube is the Triode EC86, E810F as triode wired driver and GM70 as power tube
  • Power 2 x 30 Watts at 8 ohms load
  • Exclusive remote control developed and produced in-house
  • Options for finish and choice of massive woodpanels. Standard is Walnut and Chrome




Price: 225 000,00 SEK

Att bygga en välanpassad ljudanläggning kräver eftertanke och komponenter som fungerar bra tillsammans med varandra. Därför erbjuder vi ingen webbshop, utan ber dig ta kontakt direkt med oss med dina funderingar och frågor. Tillsammans kan vi utforma din anläggning så att det du köper av oss är optimerat till det du redan har och se till så att allt kommer fungera friktionsfritt. Bäst ljud för pengarna, helt enkelt.


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