Miyajima Laboratory

Passive Selector PS 01

5 600,00 SEK

Cayin MT 35 mk2 Tube Amplifier

Cayin MT-35 MK2 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Vacuum Tube Integrated Power Amplifier

12 000,00 SEK

T.A.C. 34 Dream

T.A.C.Dream tube integrated amplifier

14 000,00 SEK

Audion Silver Night

Premier 1.5, used

15 000,00 SEK

Jadis Diapason

Jadis Diapason tube integrated amplifier

39 500,00 SEK

Jadis Orchestra Reference SE

Jadis Reference Orchestra SE tube integrated amplifier med KT88 Gold Lion

54 500,00 SEK

Jadis I35

Jadis I35 tube integrated amplifier med KT88 Gold Lion

87 500,00 SEK

Herron Preamplifier

VTSP-3A tubed line stage preamplifier. Updated version

98 500,00 SEK

Jadis i 300

The Jadis I300 is a 300B integrated amplifier with the power tubes in a push-pull configuration.

148 500,00 SEK