Audio Technica AT 610 VM Mono

VM 610 MONO Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge. The conical stylus cartridge is designed for playing mono records. Ortofon 2M Mono

1 400,00 SEK

Miyajima Kotetu 78

Kotetu Moving Coil mono cartidges for 78 rpm records

7 000,00 SEK

Miyajima Kotetu

Kotetu Moving Coil mono cartidges for LP records

7 500,00 SEK

Miyajima Spirit High

Miyajima Spirit High Moving Coil mono cartidges for LP records

9 500,00 SEK

Ortofon SPU CG 65 DI MKII

SPU mono for 78 rpm records

10 000,00 SEK

Miyajima Zero 78

Miyajima Zero mono 78 rpm

22 800,00 SEK

Miyajima Zero mono

Miyajima Zero mono cartridge

23 100,00 SEK

Miyajima Infinity

"INFINITY MONO" made heavier than ordinary cartridges to pursue ideal. It is a size outside common sense. The size of the body is W 24.0 mm x D 28.6 mm.

35 500,00 SEK

Miyajima Lab

“If you’re looking for a cartridge straight from the master's hand, there is only one choice today - Miyajima. All others are hi-fi history.”

93 600,00 SEK